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UK London Underground
  • - Features a journey planner, tube maps, online tickets, realtime service updates, and more about the London Underground.
  • Animals on the Underground - Site dedicated to animals made up using tube lines, stations, and junctions on the famous Tube map.
  • Underground History - Comprehensive guide to the abandoned and disused stations hidden beneath London streets.
  • London Underground Tube Diary - The musings of a commuter in London who uses the Underground regularly.
  • What People are Saying on the Tube - Collection of overheard quotes from Tube passengers.
  • - Includes an online journey planner plus station, fare, and tourist attraction guides.
  • London Railways - Information on the history of London's railways and Underground network.
  • Metronet Rail - Consortium of five companies responsible for upgrading, replacing, and maintaining two-thirds of London Underground's infrastructure including its trains, stations, signalling, track, tunnels, and bridges.
  • London Underground Railway Society - Organizes meetings, publications, events, and more for the study of London's underground rail system.
  • Wikipedia: London Underground - Hyperlinked, in-depth article on The Tube, including history, present network, future plans, and information on the July 2005 bombings.
  • London Station - Hand-colored photographs of the London Underground, and a selection of traveler's tales.
  • Guide to the London Underground - Station-to-station description of attractions and interchanges.
  • Ultimate Guide to the London Underground - A collection of hints, tips, and rants about the London Underground.
  • London Underground Engineering Services - Developed to support its business activities.
  • London's Abandoned Tube Stations - Photos and information on the city's abandoned tube stops, and overground lines.

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